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The Iron Range Historical Society has published many books over the years. Most were written by volunteers of the Society. To place an order for any of the books listed on this page, please call the Society at (218)749-3150, send an email, or send a written request to IRHS, 5454 Grand Avenue, McKinley, MN 55741. Be sure to list the title(s) you are requesting. Please note payment must be received prior to USPS media rate shipping.

Author Edna Garte has updated her E-book for 2023 adding more artwork and text. IRHS is honored to continue working with Ms. Garte in hosting her E-book which is available below for free. Click the button to read Ms. Garte's background information. Edna Garte background

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Cirle of Life

Slavic Music Two 2019 ./images/books/Slavic-Music-Two.jpg $15.00, tax & shipping included This book is the 12th in a series of IRHS books with 104 pages, half photos and half text. It is dedicated to all the musicians who have played Slavic Music since the last IRHS book, Historic Slavic Music, was printed in early 2016, whether they are still playing, are retired, or have passed away. Sisu: The Finns Have It 2018 ./images/books/Sisu-The-Finns-Have-It.jpg $15.00, tax & shipping included Persons of Finnish extraction and those who have assisted Finns included among the photos and text are: a signer of the US Declaration of Independence, Biwabik's own spy during World War II, a confused professor from Estonia, a female woodchopper, and many others. History of Eveleth by Margaret E. More ./images/books/History-of-Eveleth.jpg $17.00, tax & shipping included The original History of Eveleth was printed as a serial in the Eveleth News-Clarion on July 31,1947. IRHS has copied the original as printed in 1947 from the newspaper with a few minor changes. Ms. More writes about the early days of Eveleth and describes changes and growth in the city, its businesses, and its people. The photographs included with this printing belong to the Iron Range Historical Society. Historic Slavic Music 2016 ./images/books/Historic-Slavic-Music.jpg $15.00, tax & shipping included The book includes narration and 50 wonderful pictures depicting button box, accordion, and concertina players, as well as Tamburitzans with accompanying instruments of each. Iron Range Ghost Locations 2015 ./images/books/Iron-Range-Ghost-Locations.jpg $15.00, tax & shipping included The ghost locations chosen for this book include; Section 30 (Ely), Penobscot (Hibbing), Cooley (Nashwauk), Spruce/Chickentown (Eveleth), Costin (Mountain Iron), Fraser (Chisholm), and Manganese. Iron Range Ghost Towns 2014 ./images/books/Iron-Range-Ghost-Towns.jpg $15.00, tax & shipping included Winston City (not Winton) was the first ghost town when gold prospectors left after failing to find profitable gold. The other ghost towns in the book include; Old Mesaba (near Hoyt Lakes), Merritt (near Biwabik), Elcor (near McKinley), North Hibbing, and Hinsdale (near Hoyt Lakes). Iron Range Firsts 2013 ./images/books/Iron-Range-Firsts.jpg $15.00, tax & shipping included The area of Soudan is given credit as the first source of iron ore in the Superior and Duluth area. Mountain Iron and Biwabik take honors as firsts in the mining industry on the Mesabi Range. The cover photo is of North Hibbing, which had to be moved as the mine approached. Iron Range Architecture 2012 ./images/books/Iron-Range-Architecture-2013.jpg $15.00, tax & shipping included The cover in color is of the 100-year old Eveleth City Hall at the ceremony during the removal of the 100-year time capsule. Fifty photos in black and white are featured showing the architecture of various Range towns and information on each.

Home is the Range by Raymond A. Newman ~ 2009 ~ $18.00, tax & shippling included

1951 Basketball Buccaneers by Tom Phillipich ~ includes CD ~ 2008 ~ $18.00, tax & shippling included

A Day at McKinley School by Ellen Pickering ~ 2008 ~ $15.00, tax & shipping included

Post Cards: Early Life on the Iron Range ~ 1983 ~ $6.00, tax & shipping included

A Photo Essay of an Iron Mining Community: Hibbing, Minnesota ~ 1982 ~ $9.00. tax & shipping included

Eveleth, City on the Hill ~ 1982 ~ $7.00, tax & shipping included

Iron Range Legacy by Mae S. Byrd ~ 1982 ~ $5.00, tax & shipping included