IRRRB Culture and Tourism Grant

The Iron Range Historical Society was awarded $10,000 from the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board’s Culture and Tourism grant program in 2017. The grant is for the Skibo Vista Overlook which is east of Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota. The Skibo Vista Overlook is a signature recreation site and interpretive location on the Superior National Forest Scenic Byway. The site offers a sweeping and scenic view of the Superior National Forest and the Laurentian Divide from an elevated location. Additionally, the cities of Hoyt Lakes, Aurora, McKinley, and Gilbert, Giants Ridge, Northshore Mining’s Peter Mitchell Pit, and Birch Lake near Babbitt can be seen from the Overlook. Formerly the site of a fire tower, this viewpoint has been maintained by the US Forest Service and includes a picnic area, vault toilets, and parking area. Partners in this project are the IRHS, the City of Hoyt Lakes, the U.S. Forest Service, the MN Department of Transportation, the Superior National Forest Scenic Byway Council, and the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 10:30 am at the overlook site.

Lake Country Operation Round-Up Grant

Lake Country Power awarded the Iron Range Historical Society a $250.00 grant in the fall of 2017 for the creation and publication of the book Sisu: The Finns Have It. Sisu was compiled and written by Iron Range Historical Society member and office curator Kathleen Bergan. Persons of Finnish extraction and those who have assisted Finns included among the photos and text are: a signer of the US Declaration of Independence, Biwabik’s own spy during World War II, a confused professor from Estonia, a female woodchopper and many others. This book is currently available from IRHS.

Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant

In June of 2017 the Minnesota Historical Society awarded the Iron Range Historical Society a grant for $2623 to replace an intrepretive marker located above the cornerstone of the Resurrection Catholic Church. Resurrection Church is on the National Register of Historic Places and located at 301 Adams Avenue, in Eveleth, Minnesota. IRHS worked with the Eveleth Heritage Committee and church adminstrators to design a 17 inch by 36 inch cast bronze plaque. The marker is available to view at any time as it is located on the outside of the building. IRHS is committed to making all Iron Range history easily accessible to any and all persons who want to learn and this project works toward IRHS goals. The objectives of the project were to replace the text with text that is more concise and historicallly accurate, replace the cracked and faded vinyl marker with a bronze marker that would better hold up to the extreme weather of northeastern Minnesota, and to eliminate the mounting frame and brackets holding the vinyl marker, creating a better visual viewing experience. Because the new marker is bronze it is not expected to require maintenance for the foreseeable future. The material used in creating this marker will not rust but will naturally oxidize over time giving it a natural patina as seen on older copper objects. IRHS, Eveleth Heritage Committee, and Resurrection Church invite you to stop by any time to view this intrepretive marker.