Interest in family history research is at an all-time high, and assistance from the Society’s volunteers constitutes a large part of the work of the Iron Range Historical Society. This work is very much appreciated by all who request information from IRHS. As part of the Iron Range Historical Society’s archives, there are city directories of people who lived in the larger Range cities from 1899 (the first ever printed) to recent times. Depending on the year of the directory, a person’s name, address, occupation, work address, and/or family members are listed. These are valuable resources for family historians.

Thousands of Iron Range obituaries unique to the Iron Range Historical Society have been alphabetized, mounted in binders, and cataloged. The obituaries span from 1979 to the present. Binders are in chronological order and within each binder obituaries are alphabetized by last name. This makes for easy access by genealogists and family historians.

Furthermore, the Society owns more than 120 Iron Range family histories and biographies which were donated by individuals. The biographies include some prominent local residents. These files are also available to researchers.

Biographies – Family & Personal Histories
Abrahamson, Julius “Abe”
Anderson, Frank (Lena)
Auel, Rosalie Johnson
Bajada Family
Ballavance, Peter Adolf
Baraga, Bishop Frederic
Bayuk, Mark & Mary
Beck, Mamye (nee Koski)
Bell, William J
Berg, Elwin
Bernard, John T
Binney, Captain Joseph
Blatnik, John
Bol, Doctor Gerald
Bratulich, August H
Carnegie, Andrew
Chalmers – Greene Families
Connor – Hosking – Stewart Families
Culkin, William E
Dahl – Esala – Rist Families
Devich, Andrew
Ducham Family
Biographies – Family & Personal Histories
Enstrom, Eric
Erickson, Christopher & Anna
Fabin, Gus
Faith Family
Feigh, Thomas
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley
Greaney, Patrick
Grebenc, Tony
Greenberg, Morris H
Greene, Kenneth R
Griggs, Richard L
Gulbranson Family
Haapaniemi Family
Haenke, William F
Haney, Carol
Harri Family
Hill, Henry
Hoel, Alfred
Holmer, Reinhold
Holway, Bill
Biographies – Family & Personal Histories
Jakel Family
Jones, Helen T
Juten Family
Kakela, Wayne E
Kangas, Ida (nee Ilkka)
Keller, Sam
King Family
Kivela Family
Kivela, Matti & Anna Lokasaari
Kokkonen Family
Koskela, Johannes
Koskie, John
Krulich, Anne Elizabeth
Laaksos Family
Lager Family
Laine, Nestor
Lamppa, Family
Lamppa, Helen Sipola
Lappala, Risto
Lauerer, John A
Licari, Frank
Liimatta, John Family
Lindback, Verner
Longyear, Edmund J
Longyear, John M
Biographies – Family & Personal Histories
Machek, Peter & Marija
Malone, Vernon
Maryland, Victor
McCarthy, Thomas
McHale, Edward
Merritt Family
Merritt, Leonidas
Molter, Dorothy
Moren, Joseph Sr.
Morrison Family
Moscatelli Reflections
Mulholland Patrick J
Nelson, Alfred
Nelson, Doctor
Niemi, Heiki “Henry”
Nisen, Louise Sever
Nordvold Family
Oberg, Victor
Ojala, William R
Osmundson, Borge Martin Jr.
Osmundson, Martin
Palmer, Edwin Wayne
Paulucci, Jeno
Perham, George
Pietla, Anselm & Liisa Family
Prebilic, Michael Joseph Sr.
Purvis, Charles Sumner
Biographies – Family & Personal Histories
Raduege/Radig/Radick Family
Ribich, Luke
Roland, Frances
Rossman, L A
Saari, Katri Josefiina Laakkonen
Saari, Kosti “Gust” Sanfrid
Samargia, Joe
Shannon, Monsignor James P
Sherman Family
Shipman, Charles Goodrich
Spring, John
Sten, Johan
Stern – Adlesic Families
Stimac, Stephen (Kate)
Stocker, Clara
Stone, Anna
Storthors, Gabriel
Stuntz, George
Suomi, Professor Verner E
Takala, Elvera Lundstrom
Tapp, James B
Tikander, Wilho
Tower, Charlemagne
Trezona Family
Biographies – Family & Personal Histories
Verrill, William
Volcansek, Max J Jr.
Walta, Otto
Wicklund, Albin & Ellen
Wieland Brothers
Wiita, Jon
Wilson, Eugene
Zabrocki, Albin