The Iron Range Historical Society is funded mainly by dues and donations. We currently have over 240 members. Other memberships are free in exchange for affiliate memberships in other historical societies. The Iron Range Historical Society exists on the donations and efforts of volunteers. To make a donation, or to volunteer, please contact us.

The Iron Range Historical Society, located at 19 South Broadway in Gilbert, Minnesota, has four types of memberships. The current dues structure and memberships are:

Student, at $5.00 per year;
Annual, at $15.00 per year;
Couples, at $20 per year;
Business, at $50.00 per year;
Life Membership, $125.00, paid once.

Memberships in the Iron Range Historical Society entitle members to free research, invitations to the annual dinner meeting and the election of officers, and the opportunity to be Board Members. To view the program for our most recent annual dinner meeting, click here (PDF).

Members and Non-members pay for copies of information at 25¢ each, and also for postage and handling. Non-members also pay for research time at the rate of $5.00 per hour.

Members will receive our quarterly publication Range Reminiscing in March, June, September and December. These issues contain articles of historical value and updates of our Society’s progress.

To become a member, please complete the Membership Application (PDF) and mail along with your dues payment to:

Iron Range Historical Society
P.O. Box 786
Gilbert, MN 55741-0786

For further information, please contact us or call (218) 749-3150.